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I started fishing as a child in the Philippines where my Dad was stationed at the naval base. Lacking any actual gear, I secured string to a bamboo stick and tied small balls of bread to the string. Then I would venture out on a pier and catch small fish the maid called, “Lapa Lapa”. I remember she was always excited to receive my catch… Mom of course, not so much.


Fishing has been my love ever since and when a friend asked if I wanted some used gear, I wasn't about to refuse. It was then I thought about re-homing donated rods and reels to those less fortunate. I began to seek donations when a very substantial gift, literally a truck load of rods and reels, really got me thinking about the possibilities. It was then I decided to form a non-profit organization called Rods and Reels in Need.

See how our org can impact people through a love of fishing!

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